So I have a blog now...

Welcome to my brand new (and beautiful!) website.

That's me!  ⤴

Over here on my blog is where you'll find my most up-to-date work, I'll most likely be rambling on here so I apologize in advance. With each shoot I'm apart of, whether that be a wedding, an engagement, or even something more personal; there will be a blog post to match - so be sure to check often! The 2015 wedding season is rapidly approaching, and the dates are filling up quickly - if you're reading this and haven't contacted me yet, I'd step on the gas! :)

Altogether I hope everybody is enjoying the new site, I had a blast watching as it came to life. If there are any issues that arise or any feedback you may have I'd love to hear them:

Also, feel free to shoot me a like over on my facebook page - it's looking pretty sad and lonely at the moment.

Stay tuned!

& on a more serious note, here's a photo of my dog