Christopher & Lauren | Hilton Garden Inn | Auburn, ME

It's not often (or at all) where I get the chance to photograph a wedding that includes superhero masks, a candy buffet, or Mario Kart hooked up to a projector; Chris & Lauren's fantastic wedding being one of those. I had the pleasure of joining in on the festivities during a beautiful May afternoon at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn, Maine. I believe the only difficulty I had during this day would be trying to figure out which radio station wasn't filled with static on my drive up. Although I'd probably prefer listening to static than to Kiss 108 play the same four songs. Sorry, back to the point! I can't stress enough how much fun I had with Chris, Lauren, and their friends & family. It's clear from the theme that this day tailored to who how fun these two are as a couple. From the first look to the riverside couples session; this comic, video game infused wedding takes first place in my book!
Chris & Lauren-397.jpg
Chris & Lauren-136.jpg
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Chris & Lauren-682.jpg
Thank you once again Chris & Lauren for having there on your beautiful day. Congratulations! I wish you both nothing but the best!