Jason & Kristen | Farr Estates | Coventry, CT

Light the grills! It's time for Jason & Kristen BBQ-infused big day!

I had the pleasure of journeying to the beautiful Farr Estates in Coventry, CT to celebrate Jason & Kristen's big day. This wedding turned camping trip was picture perfect as these two decided to make the most of the fantastic space Farr Estates has to offer. From the delicious BBQ courtesy of PitCrew BBQ to the exciting corn-hole & frisbee golf - this wedding was summer at it's finest! The dance floor quickly filled and the s'mores devoured. Clearly, this day had been a great experience for all (including myself!) Also, I can't tell you how many times I looked up when I heard the name "Jason." :) A huge congrats to this loving couple!!

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Thank you once again Jason & Kristen for having me there for your special day! Also, a huge thanks to Farr Estates & PitCrew BBQ!