Connie & Kayne | Engagement | Borderland State Park, Easton MA

Meet Connie & Kayne, an amazing couple who are tying the knot this October (which be lucky enough to photograph!)

With props in-hand and outfits selected, these two were ready for a fun (and beautiful) engagement session... and that's exactly what took place. We decided to venture out to Borderland State Park in Easton, MA & were absolutely not disappointed. Okay, so besides the fact that this couple is amazing and totally in love, can we talk about how perfect this location is? My absolute new go-to engagement spot. Great space, many photo-ops, and a picture-perfect mansion backdrop.

I love this couple! No seriously they're the best...
Connie & Kayne_Eng-2.jpg
Connie & Kayne_Eng-43.jpg
Connie & Kayne_Eng-73.jpg
Connie & Kayne_Eng-83.jpg
Connie & Kayne_Eng-149.jpg
A huge congrats to both Connie & Kayne on their engagement! Stay tuned for to see what they have store for the big day!