"How would you describe your style?"
I see style as being broken into two elements; shooting style and editing style. Shooting style being how I physically go about myself while shooting; how much movement and I doing? How involved am I? Editing style is merely the way in which the photos are processed. As far as shooting style, I am more on the photojournalistic (fly on the wall) side, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, but while still taking charge of various scenarios when they arise. For editing style, I believe it’s important to stylize the images as much as possible, bringing out certain tones, highlighting the subject, etc.; but also making sure to keep the realism of the image alive. I don’t want the image to look overly processed; I want it to be just how you remembered it.

"Will all the images we receive be edited?"
Each and every image you receive will be fully edited to its absolute highest quality. A photo is only half completed once it's taken, so no straight-out-of-camera shots here. The beautiful side of wedding photography is shooting out in the field and the ugly side is me hunched over at my computer editing for 10 hours a day. :)

"Do we own the copyright to our photos?"
Yes! As it will state in a contract, you and I will share a full rights release to the final images from the day. These are photos of YOU, why shouldn't you own them?

"Will you travel to our wedding in _________?"
Of course! I'm willing to travel anywhere in the US, world, universe, you name it. Check here if your location within New England will be subject to a travel fee. The travel fee for a wedding outside of New England is $600.

"How do engagement sessions work? Do we have to do one?"
I believe that engagement sessions are very beneficial when looking at the entire wedding photography process! It's a benefit for the both of us - engagement sessions allow you both to view my shooting style and allow myself to get an insight on your photographic preferences, and how you two act as a couple! This is the best icebreaker and really builds the relationship between photographer and couple. We will be more comfortable with each other so when the big day finally arrives taking photos will be a breeze.

"Can we see more images from a previous wedding as an example?"
Absolutely, viewing a full wedding gallery will give you both a better sense of what to expect when the final product is delivered. Just ask & I'll send a few galleries over!

"Do we get all of the images? "
That depends. The amount of edited images you will receive will be based on your day! The longer the day, the more images you should be expecting. I'm interested in delivering the most generous amount of images to tell the story of the day, and to not sell anybody short!

"You look like you're 16, are you old enough to be doing this?"
My parents said it's ok.

"Do you work with a second photographer?"
I do offer the choice of adding on an assistant (second shooter) as an add-on! A second shooter is absolutely recommended, but not required. Adding a second shooter means we'll be able to capture a wider view of the day, without missing a beat. It also allows some wiggle room for my second shooter (or myself) to get more creative shots, and frees up a lot of time crunches. Double the photographers, double the moments captured!

"What kind of equipment do you use? "
I have a fantastic lineup of professional Canon equipment. I shoot on two Canon 5d Mark IV's. For lenses, I mainly shoot on the Canon 24mm f/1.4, Sigma 50mm f/1.4, Canon 85mm f/1.4, Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro, and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8. I also have various Canon speedlights. Keep in mind I bring a selection of backup equipment to each wedding just incase my equipment doesn't want to cooperate. :)

"What's your favorite part of the wedding day?"
I value being able to get an exclusive "all-access" pass to each wedding, so my favorite part of a wedding day are moments that are traditionally unseen by other guests, for example a loving embrace between father & bride before they open the church doors and walk down the aisle together. I love being able to be a fly on the wall during these moments.

"Do you offer albums, prints?"
I offer a wide range of high quality albums and photographic prints. Various mounting options & covers are available and are custom made to match your preferences! To inquire about albums & prints, feel free to contact me.

"What images do you like taking the best?"
Naturally, I'm a huge fan of the raw, authentic moments from candids, and I especially love the images I get from a couples session. These couples session images are very unique when compared to the rest of the gallery, also this time allows you both to take a quick breather and have some alone time with your fellow newlywed during that hectic day. Plus I love just being able to hangout with the couple & have fun for a few minutes!

"When will we see our images?"
You'll get a small, "sneak peek" batch of images about 24-72 hours after the big day. These images allow you to have something to hold on to - and to show off of course (new facebook pic)! Average delivery of all images takes roughly 8-14 weeks.

"What happens if you get sick?"
I have never missed, or even came close to missing a wedding, but in the absolutely rare event that my hospital bed doesn't have wheels - I have an extended list of professional photographers that will be available for coverage. To put it simply, if I'm alive that day, I'm at your wedding.

"What are your hobbies?"
Hiking, swimming, beer, walking my dog, eating pizza, trying not to use my phone too much. Oh and I like taking pictures too.

"We want to hire you, how does this process work?"
Wooo! Great decision! :) A signed "contract of services" and retainer deposit is required to lock me in!

Still have Questions? Feel free to contact me.