Marc & Sarah | Proposal | Fan Pier | Boston, MA

259-Marc&Sarah-9U6A0811 copy.jpg
Once again I am reminded why I love photographing proposals so much; It’s because of couples like Marc & Sarah. Marc reached out to me as he planned on popping the question to Sarah somewhere in Boston. After we spoke a little bit, we decided that Fan Pier would be the perfect spot. If you’re new to the blog, you probably don’t know that Fan Pier is my ultimate favorite spot to photograph in Boston or maybe just in general. I’ve been there countless of times, and yet still seem to find a new angle or perspective here that surprises me. Still a hidden gem in Seaport, Fan Pier has quite possibly one of the best views of Boston you can get. So, when the day finally arrived, there I was awkwardly standing there pretending I wasn’t about to photograph a proposal, and saw Marc & Sarah walk their “pre-determined” route that we discussed, and the rest was history. The three of us explored Fan Pier and shot well into the night, I could probably have photographed these two until the next morning to be honest. As far as Marc & Sarah go, they’re the absolute best; Even after the first 5 minutes of meeting them, I felt like we were best of friends. So let’s all give a huge congrats to Marc & Sarah as they enter into the engaged life!