Doug & Emma | Plimoth Plantation | Plymouth, MA

How do I keep getting these awesome couples? I must be doing something right, it's almost not fair. Doug & Emma's big day was absolutely perfect, almost too perfect, like suspiciously too perfect. I love these two, and loved getting to experience and enjoy their wedding from beginning to end. Heading down to Plymouth for this one, we started the day at Hotel 1620, before heading off to Plimoth Plantation, yes that is how you spell it, Plimoth, not Plymouth, who knew? The ceremony was fantastic, and I had a blast photographing these two during our couples session. A huge shout-out to Emma's mom, who designed all the flower d├ęcor from the day; Emma also designed all the signage, both looked amazing! I love all the personal touches throughout the entire day, it really adds character to their wedding and makes each & every photo mean so much more. Doug, Emma, and I snuck away from the reception to get a few night shots in front of a barn and a beautiful orange/red full moon that overlooked the guests dancing the night away. Congrats to Doug & Emma! Wishing them both the best!