Brandon & Molly | Plymouth Yacht Club | Plymouth, MA

Do you remember these two from our engagement session at Worlds End a year back? Well, spoiler alert, they’re now married! Brandon & Molly chose to spend their big day in Plymouth, a town frequently visited by these two, and Plymouth Beach is actually where Brandon proposed! Ever since our engagement session, I've been so excited to capture their wedding. Brandon & Molly are such an amazing couple, full of laughs and positive vibes only. Lorna tagged along with me for an eventful day of shooting, starting at Bradford Inn & Suites , then heading off to a quaint chapel for an amazing ceremony. We stopped by a nearby park for some formals with the Plymouth harbor in the background, and a Plymouth wedding is not a Plymouth wedding without a pit stop at the Mayflower! Plymouth Yacht Club held in all the festivities for the night, and there were a lot, that's for sure. As soon as these two got introduced to the reception, Molly surprised Brandon with a lead singer of one of his favorite bands, who ended up playing during their first dance! Well, Brandon actually saw the lead singer earlier in the day, and kind of figured out what was going on, but still an awesome surprise nonetheless! I can't tell you how much I love this couple; I've never seen them as "clients" and truly feel more as just another friend! Why am I so lucky with the best couples on Earth?? Let's all give these newlyweds a huge congrats! Wishing the best for Brandon & Molly on the new chapter in their lives!