Heather & Noël | Hartman's Herb Farm | Barre, MA

Double the brides, double the fun!
Putting it simply, Heather & Noël could not be a better match for each other. I had an absolute blast photographing these goofy two at the beautiful Hartman's Herb Farm in Barre, MA. This quaint bed & breakfast / herb farm provided a nice homey feel surrounded by a perfectly maintained greenery of herbs and shrubs. The creativity & care put into each and every detail was AMAZING - the centerpieces are made from library book pages! Forget a DJ, Heather & Noël wanted the real thing which meant for a live 80s rock band to be providing the sounds for the night. This fun & exciting day made me forget that I didn't have service for the entire time, I just had to wait until I got back to Boston before I could tweet about how much fun I had!
Heather & Noel-148.jpg
Heather & Noel-362.jpg
Heather & Noel-483.jpg
Heather & Noel-660.jpg
Congrats to Noël & Heather! Best wishes for the future!